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My name is Danielle and this is my mid-life journey! Join me while I blog about coffee and other important, or non-important things in my life. Grab your favorite beverage, maybe a snack and enjoy the peek into my life!

From the blog

  • I Can See Clearly Now…Wait…No I Can’t
    Waking up in the morning and opening my eyes to the bright sunshine streaming in the windows and all looks well. After stretching, I pry myself out of bed trying not to disturb the chihuahua that ferociously complains about being disturbed. I tiptoe to the kitchen and soundlessly start making coffee. The more into this… Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now…Wait…No I Can’t
  • School at Your Age?!
    No one has actually said that to me. Yet. 😂 However, I will admit, that I said it when I was talking to my daughter about going back to school for a career change. Not that I think I’m too old to learn, I actually love it! My issue was that I am a single… Continue reading School at Your Age?!
  • 5 Goals for August
    Become more active by posting on social networks. Mainly I would like to post more Tiktok videos and more blogs. Study my ass off. (Not literally because I have a nice ass.) Excel in learning at my new job. And make more money! 💵💰 Reorganize and clean kitchen and pantry. Create a workout and an… Continue reading 5 Goals for August

Forgive me while I look for my bookmark…and where is my coffee?

About Me

Mid-life vibes. I’m silly and weird. My interest vary on a large spectrum. I’m not your typical girl. Fluent in sarcasm and perfected the RBF (if you don’t know what is, Google can help).

Books, coffee, art, cats.
420, trees, the phoenix.
Simply, funny, me.

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